01 December 2009

PS: The new picture

Up there at the top. The socks with feet in them. Woolies.

Crocheted 'em myself. They're made of hand-dyed 100% wool purchased at last year's International Livestock Exposition at the Kentucky Fairgrounds, the same day I killed my previous cell phone by slamming it in the car door. (Yep. Seriously.)

Looked for the Wool Lady at this year's Expo, but she wasn't to be found. Sad face...

This is the first pair of socks I ever made, and I love them. They're great for cycling, and the colors are cheery and uplifting, especially in gray November. I quickly learned that, even as fast as socks go along, I get bored by the time I get to the end of the first one, so it helps to switch things around a bit for the second. I've made a few pairs now, and not one pair consists of two identical socks. Mostly, the differences are a little more subtle than this, though.


  1. Very nice socks, indeed. I need to give knitting another chance. I tried to knit a scarf several years ago then I started dating some guy and stopped knitting. I should have kept on knitting and waited for my now husband. Anyway, the scarf was a boring shade of blue so maybe I was just uninspired.

  2. I know the basics of knitting, but I'm only just learning anything more complicated there. Crochet goes much faster for me.

    Can't imagine a "boring" shade of blue. :-) I'll have to take your word for that, but variegated yarns are always fun to work with - you always get some kind of surprise as the project goes along!

  3. I like those socks. They look warm. As they always say in Detroit, "Keep on knitting!"