09 March 2010

A friend recently pointed out to me – more than once – that the title of my blog has potential beyond the title of a blog. Expanding on that theme, I'm stepping out a bit and posting, for your edification, what it's really all about.

My friend Curt is right. "Pedal on regardless" has become my tagline because it means something to me. Yes, I love riding my bike. Witness the posts from last summer after The Accident, and consider that I'm still riding – you do the math! But my beautiful Nellie Belle, the blue Bianchi I bought because I know I'll never be able to afford an Italian sports car, symbolizes more in my mind than a nice ride, a good workout, calories burned, or even great times with friends and family. The time I spend on the back roads of Kentucky, Indiana, New Jersey, and anywhere else we might be are reflections of the times of my life.

I think Nellie Belle and I have picked up a thing or two along the way that may be important. We'd like to share, if you're interested. These thoughts will be posted here for a few days, anyway, until I decide where else they should go.

Pedal on!

Pedal On Regardless

  1. First – regarding hills: What goes down must go back up. Sometimes it’s tough. Deal with it.
  2. Second: You can ride alone if you like, but the hills are usually easier to pull if there’s someone to cheer you on.
  3. You’re not going to get anywhere if you try to coast all the way, but there’s nothing wrong with coasting sometimes!
  4. If you fall off, get back on and keep pedaling. If you’re afraid of looking foolish, you’re clearly not yet a true cyclist.
  5. If you let the fear of getting hurt stop you, you’ll never get out of the driveway. (Want to see my scars?) Trust me, it’s worth the risk.
  6. You won’t get lost. You might get momentarily misplaced. Think of it as an inadvertent side trip and enjoy yourself – you’ll find your way home after a while.
  7. If you can’t go as far as you wanted today, add a couple miles tomorrow.
  8. Never head out without a little cash and a fully charged cell phone.
  9. Life happens. Circumstances happen. You choose the perspective.
  10. The point is, keep going. You can do it!

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